Addison Vincent 'Time is Fleeting'

Erin Malkowski

'The Vastness of Space and the Immensity of Time'

Sands : The Vanishing of Time

unfamiliar currents of the still approaching age of Aquarius (the age of knowing-transparency and expansion). ​Like the myriad of complex points of connection that mark the the birth pangs of some hundreds of years transition from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age … the ride through the initial winter of the 21st c. looks to be ‘a bumpy one’ that will eventually find its calm and purpose in the mid -late 21st c. Spring shall yet blossom as humankind enters the midst of’ a golden age’! Everything is constantly in the state of: birth-death-decay-rebirth-renewal …. Two sensitively skilled hands delicately pluck the single string-sounding ‘the divine monochord’ … the sound … the reverberating cosmic drone … drama of the universal symphony …. signifying upheaval, yes-but also: perfect balance, universal harmony and magnificent perfection-in the heavenlies (macrocosmos) and in the latent depths of the human soul (microcosmos).

About the Exhibit

​Einstein said, “Time is relative”, meaning that as the sun, the moon and the planets of our solar system naturally move forward, so does time. As a result of the earth’s rotation, or the speed of the ground beneath our feet, and according to your specific whereabouts on the planet, time is slightly different for each one of us. This phenomenon applies to mechanical devices as well as to our own inborn internal “clocks.” In fact, there are several atomic clocks located throughout the world that measure Cesium atomic energetic conditions, which can calculate the accuracy of time right down to the millisecond.

All of our cellphones, computers, Mickey Mouse and Rolex watches and Cuckoo clocks are linked to these super time pieces. As earth’s population grows and our lives become more and more complicated and demanding, we find ourselves no longer in tune with our inherent clocks, disconnected with nature and moving faster and faster in a race with time. For this juried exhibition we asked artists to submit work in any media that relates to the subject of time, such as the beginning, middle and end, to good and bad times, to time clocks, time out, and time machines, to back then and to the here and now, for which Carl Sagan once said, “That we’ll never come again, is what makes life so sweet.”

Statement by : Brian McCormack and Joan Semmel

Cover design by : Caitlin T. McCormack

Artist's Statement
Robert P. Eustace

I have always been interested in various notions on ‘time’, whether it be that of ‘cyclical time’ (represented by the circle) and based on a primordial and fixed procession of the passing of hours, days, seasons, lifetimes through the repetitions of life’s meaningful rituals. Next, the advent of a new forward thinking, historically conscious idea of’ linear time’ (represented by the straight line and traversing from point A to point B). In essence, linear time+ progress (forming the onslaught of modernity) helped to pulverize the organic tranquility and order necessary to sustain the ancient cyclical ritual cultures. As a young artist growing in sacred consciousness, I discovered the idea of’ existential time’ through the seminal writings: ‘The Meaning of the Creative Act’ … and the autobiographical ‘Dream and Reality’ … by the early-mid 20th c. Russian philosopher, Nicholas Berdyaev. For Berdyaev, ‘existential time’ (represented by a singular point-or in the case of my piece: ‘Lament of the Black Sun’ -the star) = the moment of the invasion of eternity (even a small droplet) into the nominal space/ time flux. It is a timeless moment that liberates and sets forth possibilities free from the tyranny of time. It is the place where all true creation originates.

‘Lament of the Black Sun’ signifies a number of possible meanings for me. For one, a type of invisible architectural model of the cosmic clock-now breaking down, in a state of collapse, somehow gone awry. Many attentive folks today would concur that we are presently caught in a time of tremendous upheaval and ever accelerating, confounding change -whereby the once familiar and reassuring signposts, long forever considered immovable in the imagination, are now quickly being uprooted and replaced with a whole new and different set of reality. The apocalyptic account of ‘Rev. 6’ graphically portrays this unsettling change occurring in the heaven lies … (the sun blackened … the moon blood red … the stars falling from their places in the firmament. .. the earth groaning). Conversely, beginning during the late 20th c., we now find ourselves in the midst of a major paradigm shift-an entire age slipping away and morphing into a whole new exciting, yet unexplored age-or the end of the 2000+year (cycle) reign of  Pisces defined as (the age of belief-lies and deception) transitioning through strange and

Peter Arakawa

'Time Capsule'

Domonique Alesi

'Incoherent Wisdom'

‘Lament of the Black Sun’
Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction

14.5”h x 12.5”w x 3”d, 2015

Saint Eustace Fine Art