Revelations : Interrogating The Sacred

Saint Eustace Fine Art

My current work is an ongoing extended series called Aenigmate: mixed-media works/altarpiece constructions.images, which are to illuminated manuscript pages and stem from my in medieval, conceptual, and modes. They pertain to themes around  the life of Mary (the Annunciation, the  Mother and Child theme), the Passion of Christ, and Apocalypse (with the construction of the City). My images in the series also focus upon "maps be divided into two subsets: (1) architectural: ancient church ornate windows, and the Garden (or outward and (2) freeform abstractions, which serve to navigate the unknown of the title Aenigmate means at this present time (being earthbound and limited in finitude) to see and ascertain only the dimmest of shadows of what is and will be, like through a glass. seek to convey something of the mysterium tremendum, or a visual approximation of the experience of awe, mystery, and terrible beauty.



‘Image : Seed of Divine Life’
Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction/ Combined Process on Wood and Metal,
24”h x 19”w x 3”d