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Michael Teters

'Better Lies', 'Heaven', 'Zero

Michael Teters


Noteworthy : Art based on written communication

Jessica Anne Clark

​'Message in a Bottle'

‘Collapse, from the Series: ‘AENIGMATE’,

Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction/ Combined Process on Wood and Metal,
25”h x 19”w x 2.5”d

Artists Statement

Robert P. Eustace

In addressing the exhibition theme of: ‘NOTEWORTHY (on ‘written communication’) – or – the myriad forms of expression/ communication that have taken place amongst ‘humankind’ throughout the recorded ages… my art submission, entitled ‘Collapse’, speaks on this idea, though from a step removed – that of a God… the Stars… the Cosmos… Nature… (however one looks at it)… that is ‘speaking’ and trying to get our attention. From my personal studies in the Bible, astrology, alchemy, mysticism… it has been made quite clear that we are living in a dangerous time. It was perhaps the trumpet call of the late 60’s hit song: (This is the Dawning of the) ‘Age of Aquarius’, sung by The 5th Dimension, that first alerted the world that we are now ‘leaving’ the former 2160 year Age of Pisces and now entering the new 2160 year Age of Aquarius – or a major paradigm shift – and with this paradigm shift, we are now experiencing on a day-to-day basis (worldwide), an unprecedented sense of upheaval, dislocation, disorientation – as the New Age, violently becomes birthed into being.  In many instances, what was formerly held to be the comforting, clear, stable signposts (or personal reference points of our lives) ie. church, state, the money/ credit system, marriage, family personal beliefs… are now, all of a sudden being uprooted and undone ! Some say,  the bleak Winter of the early 21st century (with its unsustainable litany of lies, deceit,, deception, wars, mass destruction0, will soon end and suddenly break into ‘Springtime’ and a coming Golden Age (c. after 2021 through 2047) and that all of the final intersecting points of entering the Aquarian Age should be fully met or in place by 2060. In the meantime, the world is in for an incredibly bumpy ride.

From a more positive perspective, the heavens and our world are being made over as the dross and chaff are being burned away. The clear way of survival begins with a personal awakening inside each person, coupled with a continuous growing awareness. No more lies and deceit – the age of ‘expansion and transparency’ through (not ‘belief’), but through ‘direct knowing’ IS UPON US !

 There is more to mention on the above, This is a brief (and I pray, clear and concise) summation of what my artwork ‘Collapse’ is about.