Russ Wills

Saint Eustace Fine Art

Industry : Industry

‘The Enclosed Garden : Field of Stars' 
or ['Hortus Conclusus : Campus Stella
Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction, 27”h x 20”w x 3”d

Robin Kang

Jon Cowan

Aricoco - Abi Tabei 

Curated by Joyce Lee and Eva Ting

ariocco (Abi Tabei) * Jonathan Cowan* Marc D' Agusto* Damien Davis

*Robert Eustace* Chelsea Horvath* Robin Kang* Russ Wills

 'INDUSTRY : INDUSTRY' examines the artists studio practice and how laborious craftsmanship is manifested in the finished work. These artists time consuming and meticulous labor translates process into concept - through painting, printmaking, photography, textiles and sculpture. Their creative technique s are worth celebrating in an industry and economy that commend quick returns over long-term investments.

Each of these artists integrates a spectrum of studio techniques. Jonathan Cowan embroiders color and geometry onto photo-mechanically reproduced original landscape paintings. Using ritualistic gathering and weaving of recyclable materials, ariocco (Abi Tabei) fabricates articles of protection and sanctuary. Robin Kang juxtaposes textiles and technology, producing tapestries from digital looms that challenge definitions of tradition and progress. Robert Eustace crafts sculpture that harks back to ancient liturgies, imbued with mysticism and a sense of modernity.

These artists processes also create visual dialogues about the art of transformation. Chelsea Horvath utilizes both additive and subtractive mark-making to communicate nuances of decay and  restoration with  metal and minerals. Marc D'Agusto constructs organic forms that explore rubble and renewal. Damien Davis designs patterns influenced by  traditional African fabrics to question authenticity and identity. Russ Wills  morphs banal objects through a prescribed procedure into obscure abstract photographs. Together, these works faithfully honor patience of practice and dedication to process.

The exhibit is held in conjunction with (CIVA) Christians in the Visual Arts Symposium, NYC, 'HOW ART WORKS', Saturday, October 11, 2014
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