Brief Artists Biographical Statement: 

“Born, April 1957 in the Inwood section of northern Manhattan, New York City… the Artist, Robert Eustace, attributes his eventual ‘calling’ in Art to various central roots: playtime in the surrounding Park Systems ‘primeval wilderness’; discovering mystery and wonder amongst the art, fragrances and shadows found within a traditional catholic church; and being mentored by the primitive expressionist painter, Peter Dean (1934-1993). The work of Robert Eustace evokes a mysticism of memory and yearning for the transcendent.”     

My Artists Statement:  

“My current work in art is an ongoing extended series called: ‘Aenigmate’ : Ikonic Mixed-Media/ Altarpiece Constructions. Emerging from this is a related branch of forthcoming work called: ‘Tree of Souls’ : Drawings and Ikonic Constructions, which I began to release in late 2010. With this new series of work, to date I have completed 49 Drawings + another group of preliminary Drawings and the major Ikonic Constructions: (1) ‘The Nurture : Flowering in Paradise’ followed by (2) ‘Hortus Conclusus : Campus Stella’ or (‘The Enclosed Garden : Field of Stars’) both completed in 2012.

This overall body of work, likened to illuminated manuscript pages, reliquaries and traditional ikons, stems from my studies in art history, music, philosophy, alchemy, mysticism and the Bible. They pertain to the themes of: the life of mary… Christ’s passion… the current collapse of existing structures… ancient architectural plans, maps, labyrinths, diagrams – sacred space and symmetry… the window as portal to mystery and grace… the park as model paradise garden.

Particularly with the series ‘Aenigmate’… I am interested in the commingling and transformation of materials into seamless and convincing visual worlds or realities. These ikonic works inevitably will take on the character of centuries old ancient ritual objects, that were long ago buried in the ground and now have once more seen the light of day due to careful archaeological excavation. Likewise, these works have become imbued with ‘the patina of time’ [ie. perhaps due to the mildly corrosive chemical action of centuries of candle wax, soot, not to mention the collected oils from the human touch of pilgrim souls seeking to receive and transfer a type of blessing]. The action of elements, having long acted to dull and obscure the original clarity and brilliance of the ritual object – yet, something far richer remains in its place.

Conversely, they speak of the ‘billboard’ that forever dots the modern highway and is exposed to the ravages of time [ie. the long term effects of constant friction and wear caused by the relentless parade of the natural elements – sun, wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, moisture, dryness… thus, a wearing off and breaking through the latest generation of surface information, while revealing previously underlying, new and surprising juxtapositions of imagery within the now distorted layers.

The series title, ‘Aenigmate’ means: At the present time, being earthbound and limited in finitude – to see and ascertain only the dimmest of shadows of what truly ‘is’ and ‘is to come’; like looking through a dark glass. I seek to convey something of the ‘mysterium tremendum’ – or a visual approximation of the experience of awe, divine mystery and terrible beauty.”

‘On Art and Space’:

I am primarily interested in space… or the charting of a deeply personal and resonant space, as it relates to mysticism and memory. In the ever changing realm of artistic creation, I am forever searching for a zone, an open space, a place of calm to call my own, an area open to imagination and revelation… I am likewise interested in following that indescribable ‘ambient sound’ that ever calls to me and informs my life and work – the place where the creative tension of self-doubt and searching ultimately finds resolution in an all pervasive silence. Standing here at the end of time, on the springboard of eternity; staring into the face of civilization – the sheer weight of all that has already been said and done; the party long over and only crumbs remaining on the table… I seek to capture the fragile sparkling of the last interstices as I reach in faith out to the void –create- and pull something of substance back into the here and now.”

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