God : In The Abstract

​Pure form, color, space, shape...perhaps art devoid of objects that we recognize  best suits a way of visually presenting our Higher Power. Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Great Spirit: by whatever name these artists know God, their art invites viewers to come to  know their Creator and engage in a new way.

‘Holy Fragment’
Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction, 13”h x 9”w x 2”d

Saint Eustace Fine Art

Image : Your Name is Light by Beverly Womack

Image : Standing Alone by Fred Fergig

‘Holy Fragment’…. Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction/ Combined Process on Wood with Metal, approx.. 13”h x 9”w x 2”d… minimalist in terms of materials, information and approach - points to a duality of signs (+) and (-) that reference ideas of: up/down, heaven/earth, good/evil, spirit/matter and so forth….

[“Throughout perhaps half a life-time I have been able to develop a number of approaches in the realization of my ongoing series of  works in ‘Ikonic Mixed-Media Constructions’. As I proceeded, hammering out one artwork to the next, my process has gotten to be increasingly more involved and complex, as I have been able to harness and create with greater amounts of material and information. An important part of my process is to ‘allow myself to move laterally’ (or sideways) – to give some time and energy to playing with, experimenting with materials and processes. There does come a time when it becomes clear that it is time to ‘stop’ and gather together and push everything into the forefront of ‘the here and now’ and to complete the work.

‘Holy Fragment’ along with a number of other relatively smaller artworks…  *(my larger works all average about 26”; x 20”w) … were created at an earlier time of a largely unconscious – spontaneous improvisational approach to art making. In that regard, these works continue to exude for me, a refreshingly direct simplicity due to a reductive economy of means. They represent ‘a total letting go and trust in the process and in what lies dormant in my soul (or the latent intrinsic qualities that are unique to my personal being) – the invisible ‘sacred’ made manifest in the material creation of Art. Also, I have been witness to ways of thinking and working that once (seemingly) abandoned or jettisoned away – much later on, suddenly became ‘re-manifested’  -  thus, affirming the idea of and completing the loop of ‘the eternal return’”!]