Saint Eustace Fine Art

“All this I do, inside me in the huge court of my memory. There I have by me the sky, the earth, the sea and all the things in them which I have been able to perceive… there too I encounter my self” … St. Augustine

Art Connections 12

‘Lament of the Black Sun’ or 'Lamento Sol Niger'
Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction, 14.5”h x 12.5”w x 3”d

“My body of work in Art for Ikonic Mixed-Media Constructions is based upon two related series: the long term ‘Aenigmate’, and since 2010, a newly condensed minimalist approach; void of a previous maximal surface content - the mystical  ‘Tree of Souls’. My images likened to illuminated manuscripts, ikons and reliquaries, stem from my studies in art history, music, philosophy, alchemy, mysticism and the Bible. They pertain to themes of: the life of Mary… Christ’s passion… the current collapse of existing structures… ancient architectural plans, maps, diagrams, labyrinths… the window as portal to mystery and grace… the park as model paradise garden. ‘Aenigmate’ means: That at the present time, being earthbound and limited in finitude – to see and ascertain only the dimmest of shadows of what truly ‘is’ and is to come; like the distorted view that comes from looking through a dark or opaque glass. I seek to convey something of the ‘mysterium tremendum’ – or a visual approximation of the experience of awe, divine mystery and a terrible beauty”.

“I am primarily interested in space… or the charting of a deeply personal and resonant space, as it relates to mysticism and memory. In the ever changing realm of artistic creation, I am forever searching for a zone, an open space, a place of calm to call my own, an area open to imagination and revelation…. I am likewise interested in following ‘the ambient sound’ that ever calls to me and informs my life…. It is my desire to capture the fragile sparkling of the last interstices (here at the end of time), as I reach in faith out to the void, create and pull something of substance back into the here and now”.

“Born and raised in the Inwood section of northern Manhattan, New York City… the Artist, Robert Eustace, attributes his eventual ‘calling’ in Art to various central roots: playtime in the surrounding Park Systems ‘primeval wilderness’; discovering mystery and wonder amongst the art, fragrances and shadows found within the traditional catholic church (and by extension, periodic visits to the nearby Cloisters Museum – a complete monastic setting constructed from ancient architectural shards gathered from across the face of Europe)…. Lastly, being mentored by the primitive expressionist painter, Peter Dean (1934-1993). The work of Robert Eustace evokes a mysticism of memory and yearning for the transcendent. It harkens back to a time  when all of life felt ‘monumental’ and each day radiated ‘eternal’ – but, all too soon… ‘paradise’ was lost”.